Recent selected articles on Ken Pattern's work from Indonesian publications:

"The colors of a good cause" The Jakarta Post / Jakarta, July 5 2010

"Ken Pattern: Documenting Jakarta’s Disappearing Landscapes" Now Jakarta / July 2010

"Indonesia as the Muse" Registry Indonesia / January 2009

"An Artist's 20-Year Journey" Jakarta Globe / December 27/28 2008

"Ken Pattern's Jakarta" High End Magazine / Jakarta 2008

"Marking changes in the metropolis" The Jakarta Post / Jakarta, May 26 June 2005

"Jakarta reflections take a surreal turn " The Jakarta Post / Jakarta, April 25 2005

"Galeri Budaya" Femina 13-19 January 2005, Bahasa Indonesa (Bahasa Indonesia)

"Ken Pattern: Seeking the truth in landscape around him" Jakarta Post / December 26, 2004

"The Daily Jakarta Shimbun", (Japanese)

"Canadian Artist Discovers Indonesia" The Jakarta Post / June 26, 2003

City PatternsTempo (English edition) / February 10, 2003

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