Ken Pattern

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Current exhibition:
Ken Pattern at the Four Seasons Hotel
Jl HR Rasunah Said, Kuningan, Jakarta
November 28, 2012 – February 15, 2013

Ken Pattern is a Canadian artist who has been inspired by Indonesia and South East Asia for many years. He works in a variety of media including
drawing, painting and printmaking (stone lithography). Of special note are pen and ink drawings and lithographs of urban of Jakarta landscapes and the
people who inhabit these. His paintings of rural Indonesia and other areas in South East Asia and Canada have the same characteristically fine detail
as the drawings and lithographs. Beginning in 1978, Ken Pattern has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Asia, North America and
Europe. Over the year he has gathered a devoted group of collectors and his work can be found in private as well as public collections.

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Ken Pattern

P.O. Box 7931 JKS/KM
Jakarta 12079